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Cerus Peak PMU Cartridge (box of 20)

Cerus Peak PMU Cartridge (box of 20)

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We are proud to offer Cerus cartridge needles as a versatile option for tattoo and permanent makeup artists. Cerus needles come in a variety of configurations that are appropriate for permanent makeup procedures, so cosmetic professionals can work at a peak-level performance.

Cerus cartridges also utilize a similar inner membrane to the ones found in Quartz and Onyx, providing maximum control and preventing ink spitback.We take pride in providing cutting-edge equipment with superior materials and quality construction.

All cartridges are made from disposable materials and are in individual sterile packaging so that artists can focus on their work safely and efficiently. All cartridges are also tested multiple times for guaranteed performance.

Key Features:

Inner membrane inhibits ink spit-backEfficient cartridge removal and replacementSleek, hygienic designSterilized and individually packagedConfigurations for standard tattooing and cosmetic tattooing proceduresCompatible with a variety of cartridge system grips and machines.

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