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Bellar Permanent Makeup Pen

Bellar Permanent Makeup Pen

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Expertly designed in conjunction with artists and engineers to create the perfect synergy of form and functionality.

Crafted from medical grade components, and assembled and tested one at a time by our expert in-house technicians to ensure flawless performance.

Its slim and light design, weighing only 2.36 oz (67g), allows a comfortable grip regardless of the procedure’s length.

The Bellar’s precise performance make it the ideal device for artists who aim for the best possible results.

Microbeau International pioneers advancements that cater to the most competitive solutions, by creating new standards and shaping the evolution of the micropigmentation industry.

Comfortable and Lightweight design – 2.36 oz (67g) for easy maneuverability
Powerful compact MotorBolt system specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation
Precise stroke length of 1.7mm for accurate PMU techniques
Adjustable autoclavable grip to regulate needle depth, plus disposable grip option
Needle depth adjustment from 0 - 4mm
Includes Mini DC connector cable for optimal connectivity performance
Ideal for hairstrokes, eyeliner, whip shading, scalp micropigmentation, and the creation of beauty!
Machines includes with a limited lifetime warranty.

**Please note: This warranty will be null and void, and you will be responsible for cost of service and replacement of parts if machine is returned disassembled, and/or there is evidence of improper maintenance or excessive mistreatment.

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