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Lipid Complex Mini Collection Box Set - 4 Unique Oils - 24 Treatments

Lipid Complex Mini Collection Box Set - 4 Unique Oils - 24 Treatments

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Lipid Complex Mini Collection Box Set (4 Unique Oils - 24 Treatments)

The Lipid Complex Collection is a series of four unique formulations bursting with nutrients and simple food for the skin.  Membrane’s advanced oil serums penetrate skin where other products cannot.  Due to their permeability, they may reach deep into the lower level of the epidermal junction to hydrate, rejuvenate, and restore skin back to glowing health. 

These amazing lipid serums are full of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, enzymes, omegas, fermented fruits, flower extracts, plant compounds, essential oils, probiotics, and hyaluronic acid.
Completely unrivalled in the natural skin care arena, Membrane has pushed boundaries with these intense, effective lipid systems that accomplish precisely what the skin needs.
Using nature as our inspiration these lipid serums are all natural, all fresh, and free from petroleum, mineral oil, parabens and synthetic preservative ingredients.  Lovingly created in partnership with Mother Nature.

MicroPlump (Hylaronic Acid & Blueberry)

BIOBright (Lemon, Mango Flower & Pineapple Enzyme)

Super C (Strawberry, Vitamin C & Collagen) 

DermaPeptid ( Chilli Pepper & Tropical Fruit)

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